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FarmVille 2 Wiki

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Build the T-34/85 tank! The set includes 400 pieces, 2 figures and a ton of accessories. This is a made of blocks version of Russian T-34 used in WWII. The famous tank was better equipped and larger than its opposition and revolutionized the way tanks were built. Thousands of T-34 units gave the German army a nasty shock when they encountered them for the first time and remained invincible throughout the campaign. This COBI block tank is equipped with many movable parts such as caterpillars and a turret. Reinforce your troops with Small Army tanks, planes, helicopters, military trucks or take command of a military battleship and create your own army with COBI blocks. A great addition to the extended COBI Small Army collection.

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Product Warranty:For warranty information about this product, please click here

possible Small Buy COBI T-34/85 COBI - Army Toys eligible Games LLC Small on FREE T-34/85 Sets 2452 ✓ COBI DELIVERY Army purchases Small T-34/85 Army Building

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Devonshire Tea Tray


 6 Clotted Creams
 4 Wheat
 3 Eggs
 5 Milk
 3 Swiss Cheese

Power Needed:  2 Power
Requires:  Level 65
Sell for: 8,550 Coins
Reward:  81 XP

Recipe Data

When making a Devonshire Tea Tray, if you have any of the recipies below, they will be used before raw ingredients are used.

Recipe Ingredients
Swiss Cheese Loaf  5 Milk  3 Swiss Cheese 8
Clotted Cream Scone  6 Clotted Creams  4 Wheat  3 Eggs 25
Batter  4 Wheat  3 Eggs 6
Flour  4 Wheat 2

Price ingredients of Devonshire Tea Tray would fetch at market

Ingredients Sell Price
 6 Clotted Creams 600 Coins
 4 Wheat 56 Coins
 3 Eggs 180 Coins
 5 Milk 425 Coins
 3 Swiss Cheese 480 Coins
Total Market Price of Ingredients: 1,741 Coins
Profit Above Market Price: 6,809 Coins

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